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Wirin on roll cage??

Well I am bored and am goin on a adnevture this weekend!! I want to put my stereo on my roll cage!! the thing I am wonderin is how to keep the roll cage from magnetically suckin my electro's straight out of it! I was thinkin of takin the stock padin off wrappin some electrical tape and then wrappin the wires around the elec tape then puttin the paddin back on! or I could wrap the wires around the stock paddin all together then put some other paddin around it!! I am makin some boxes for my speakers to go on the roof and my tweets will bolt right on up!! maybe I should just not wrap the wires at all huh?? I will be blue mappin it probably today!! Oh and another excitin part for me is I am puttin a 20 dollar triple gauge piece in the gap my stereo will leave behind!! Problem is that my woofers will have to stay on the ground and I will just take them out when I go wheelin anyway!! anywho just fire at me what yall think would be a good idea please!!

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