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Shame on those that are jacking prices up to these levels. In times like this, people react in many different ways. Some take advantage, while others reach out to help. While the events of 9/11 were cowardly, tragic and will create shock waves felt throughout the world, keep in mind how big a country we actually are. We did shut down some US based refineries/pipes for fear of attack. Other pipes continue to remain open and their host companies have indicated they will be able to supply the states they feed. OPEC has already indicated that they will increase production, as necessary, to support our requirements.

Shame on those that are taking advantage of these events. Personally, I would boycott those stations forever. If they want to make a quick buck on this, I'll let the greedy owners see the effect of a long term customer boycott. Fortunately in my neck of the woods (Colorado) the prices remained stable. There was a scare last night after the initial news of outrageous gas prices broke - but my wife and I had already fueled up earlier in the day.

Good luck

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