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Evaluate what you need. Take your drums and rotors to your local parts store and have them "miked" out---measured to see if they can be turned and reused. If need be, buy the rotors and drums.

Inspect all hydraulic parts for leaks. If the rear brakes are leaking, rebuild kits are a few bucks. Invest $10 in a brake cylinder hone and do it right. Hardware kits for the rear are only $15 or so...that includes all springs, clips etc. New adjusters are probably around $5/ea. Try soaking the old ones overnight in penetrating oil before you write 'em off.

New shoes for the rear...maybe $30 for a good set? There are several different widths available, match up your old with new.

If the calipers aren't leaking or binding, don't replace 'em. Just throw new pads on and lightly lubricate those areas that rub. If they are leaking, get a set of "loaded calipers" from the parts store...that will be calipers with brake pads already installed. That really oughta cover it.

As far as install goes, do 'em one side at a time, so you have a guide to go off of. A Chiltons manual will be of great assistance as well. Inspect the e-brake cables while you're in there...removing them and soaking them in penetrating oil if they're stuck might help. If they need replacement, the only place i know of is the jeep dealer.

If you don't want to do it yourself, go to a Sears, NTB, Midas, or somewhere else for a quote. I know Sears and NTB are $100/axle for basic brake jobs...and obviously more if rotors/etc are needed. But you'll learn and save by doing it yourself.

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