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[snip]If there is a threat comming from the interior of your country(which this very well may be, this could have been thought out by some of the groups here, we will just have to see), then it is up to you to deal with them. If the threat comes from outside our borders, then they are harboring an enemy of the US.[snip]

Alfred, I think you forgot to read the whole first of my post. There is a whole lot of connection with those governments supporting these individuals as well. But, I will also say that we don't know who has done this yet. When we had the OK City bombing it was first thought that the middle east was behind it. We found that the threat came from inside our borders and delt with them according to US law.

If the threat comes from ouside the borders of the US, then many agree that war will be declared. I don't know how much you know about the US, but a declaration of war will give the president something called "War Powers". Also the US millitary are granted certain liberties that are only reserved for the most dire of times. These liberties are not to be taken lightly, and only should be given if the enemy is known. If the War Powers are inacted, then the whole wrath of the US military might will be rained upon those who are responsible.

There is big difference between walking the large grey line that the millitant groups in the US are doing, and what occured yesterday. Don't even try and compare the two.


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