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Terrorists landed 20 miles from me.

Yep, the news is saying at least 2 of them came over from Canada. They took "The Cat", which is the super-high speed ferry from Nova Scotia to Maine, runs twice a day and takes only 2.75 hours for the crossing. Having been on it myself, the security is a joke. When we went to Canada, we had the TJ loaded down, and the girl on the other end just asked where were were going and what we were doing, then let us go, never even searched the jeep. We could have been loaded down with bombs or rifles and we'd have skated right through.

Security has been too lax for too long. If it's in inconvenience, too damn bad, we need to start closing the borders and restricting traffic. Shut them all out and let people apply through channels with a rigorous background check. Hell, we do it for guns, why not terrorists. If you can't pass the background check, you don't get it, VERY simple.

Some say not to Nuke the countries harboring the terrorists, I say that's Bull. The whole world knows about this cowardly act, and I don't think they'd do anything, no other Nukes are going to fly. A swift and decisive strike is needed, to wait is to miss the opportunity. The Afgahn gov't is already evacuating buildings based on a possible US retaliation. Osama Bin Laden is the #1 wanted person in the world, and he has a bounty of $5M on his head. I say we bomb the snot out of him and still keep looking to see if it was his group that caused the attack. If it wasn't then go after those parties, if it was, kill all the members of his sect, their families, and friends.

I'm confident the President isn't going to take this on his back though, he's going to Kick some ass.

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