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Drop the bomb and .....

dropthe bomb, kill em all!, it's nuke time! granted the us is very powerful, but drop the bomb? [censored] no!!!.Yes the us has nukes but guess what?????????...........your not the only ones, you fire one of those suckers off and garrentd before it touched down aleast 3 more will be coming back at ya. And may I add the 3 nukes do alot more damage than 4 planes. but then I know, I know you'll fire back and ww3 is born and ended and my ass gets blown for for sitting in canada on the coast next to a major port city.

get the terrorists not the country the terrorists are in.
but like I said I'm on the outside looking in. I'm doing my part in halifax help to house and transport the 50 some odd planes that are grounded here

Deepest regards and wishes

84 & 76 CJ-7's Give me a striaght six cummins diesel anyday. [email protected]
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