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Not OT -Home from NYC finally

As you can imagine, today was a long day for us NY city people. I started walking home with what looked like a million people over the Williamsburg Bridge around 1030am. At 8pm my time (finally home), and 20 miles away from the city, I can look out my apartment window and still see the large smoke cloud. As a side note, the CJ successfully got me through some major traffic to get my fellow workers home. NY is like a parking lot, so we used alot of "alternate roads." Like most of you, I am pissed, but unlike most of you, I look out my office window everyday at the Twin Towers, and now they are gone. The NY skyline is altered forever. For those of you who never came to NY, but saw pictures, I can guarantee that the pictures you saw always had the twin towers in the center. Picture them gone, its a bit freaky. Well, im tired and thirsty, I'm gonna have a beer and try not to think about tomorrow when I find out which friends lived and which didn't. Also, 200 NYC firemen were killed. With 50,000 people in those buildings, the numbers will be staggering.

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