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Re: crow horse n others in problem areas today

Thanks for everyone's concern..... I'm ok, as ok as any of us can be. Scores of people aren't that lucky...
Funny thing though, when I awoke this AM, I complained that this cold I have had taken a stronger hold on me. Mandy had said I should stay home. I wish I had.......
I was in the next building over, The Financial Center, when all hell broke loose. After the first aircraft impacted one tower we started to evacuate, only to have the evacuation rescinded. It was a surreal sight. Like Towering Inferno, only all too real. Then the second aircraft hi the other tower and the evacuation began again. It was a very orderly procedure, folks helping those in need. It was strangely calm as well. We exited the building with debris rainning down. Only till I got home did I know that some of the debris were people.
I walked uptown as no subway service was available. I watched people's faces. The mood was very somber. I saw everything from deep concern to outright hyteria as people learned of the tragedy. People who were united with loved ones, hug tighter and their eye's spoke volumes. But true to form, New Yorkers, in the worst possible disasters, step to the plate and pull together. I suppose these things bring out the best in people.
I became part of a mass exodus from the tiny island they call New York. Millions of us walking. I walked from the Trade Center, into Queens. At what seemed to be a midpoint of my journey I happend onto an elderly woman who had no idea how to get home and she was worried about her daughter who was working in the same building I was. I reassured her that she had evacuated safely and continued to talk with her for an hour or so.
I finally made it to a running subway line, still realing from the events that had occured. It will take days to fully understand the magnitude of this.....'s my Mom's birthday today and I had no idea as what I should get her. She likes flowers, so that is usually #1 on my list for her. However, I did find an even better gift for her. I found a phone that worked and rang her, telling her I was alright.
After complaining of my cold, my aching feet, and legs, I'm ecstatic to be plagued by them......
After today, the world is a different place......

All Good Medicine,

Creator, everything we do leaves a track. May our tracks be ones we would want you to see and others to follow......

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