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Re: THOR Soundwedges?

I would have to argue with the last post.

I grew up in Washington DC and I used to park everyday in a pretty bad neighborhood with no problems. Again I have the YJ sound wedges. The do add a lot of Lower Mid-Range sound but even the best 6x9 won't give you much base. For Base I got a Hollywood Subwoofer and put it in my Insta-Trunk. It just about a perfect fit in the trunk with 2 Amps (one for all the speakers and one for the sub-woofer.) I totally disconnected the sound bar speakers and I am really happy with the setup. However... if you are riding around with the top down there is no way to get good sound while you are driving fast. I learned this the hard way when I was younger by burning up my first subwoofer on the Highway.

In total this is my setup. Nice Removable face Sony CD player with EMS (never skips even on dirt roads or even at steep angles.) But I don't ever use the CD player off-road because: I need to concentrate sometimes, usually have someone in the car I can talk to, and its hard listening to the CB and the tunes at the same time. Plus, I have the Amps and Subwoofer in a Quick Release setup. So I usually remove the AMP's and Sub-woofer during off-road trips so that if the trunk floods I won't lose my system.

I have been really happy with this setup; however, I usually have the hard top on or the soft-top. I have not left my Wrangler out in a big rainstorm, but the system has dealt with plenty of morning dew and sprinklings. I have had one 6x9 speaker stolen out of my Jeep when the soft-top and soft doors were on. But they did not take the Sound wedges because they were bolted in. So now I just use Allen screws to make it harder to take.


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