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Re: Kinda OT, what were they smoking?

What it is, is a video explaining to the salesman how to manipulate words to make the geo seem better than the wrangler. "the base model tracker has more ground clearance than the wrangler"---because the base model tracker has an independent front suspension and a rear axle so tiny it's a joke. They don't mention aproach and departure angles or suspension travle. What they do talk about is wind noise and optional power windows. And we all know power windows are poinless in a jeep because you should have the doors off anyway. This is the same thing subaru does in their forrester commercials. Subaru builds some fine cars but to say that the forester has more ground clearance than an explorer is very misleading. While it may be true, there is no way a forester can climb an obstacle due to its aproach angle. The forrester is a station wagon and should be marketed as such. But the truth is you will never find an honest salesman so you are better doing the research you self and just avoiding the snake in a suit at the dealership.

5.0s and 4 speed = lots of broken parts!!!
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