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Re: Yeah!!I got a jeep today!!!!

jeepn is right about the chain. i would go new. however you might get lucky and find a dodge 208 with a good chain then you can swap the cain and fixed yoke output shaft at the same time. another suguestion...why not try and do the swap yourself? i personally havn'e swapped a x-case chain but i can't see where it would be too awfully difficult either. give it a try. sounds like a good learning experience. if you have questions as the board. someone will know the answer. as for the efi you could probably find a complete throttle body setup (wiring, computer, sensors, fuel pump, etc.) from a j/yard for the 4.3 for $250 or probably even less if you deal right. i don't agree with jeepn fully with the keep the carb idea. yes keep the carb while you get it going and get it running the way you want. after it is and you take care of all the other stuff then do the swap. if you wheel your jeep you will definatly thank yourself. i tried all different carb setups on my jeep before i injected it and it took weeling to a whole different level. yes some carbe will run at angles and some won't. from my experience yes some carbs will but still not near as well as efi. anyway you'll just have to decide what you are going to do with the jeep first. if it is a steet jeep it isn't worth the trouble. stay with the carb.

brian wilson
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