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Re: where distributor vacumm line go

There are two types of engine vacuum, Ported and manifold. Ported vacuum occurs above the throttal blades and increases as the engine rpm increases but reads almost nothing at idle. Manifold vaccum occurs below the throttal blades has its highest reading at idle but decreases as engine rpms increase. Do you still have your computer hook up and all the emmisions stuff on, if you do the vaccum advance goes to manifold vacuum, If you follow the big line from your brake booster it hooks into a metal tube that hooks into the manifold, there should be a port on this tube and thats where it goes. If you disconected the computer(Nutter bypass) hook it to ported vacuum for better throttal response. The resason its hooked to manifold with the computer is because the comp has sensors that read ported vacuum and this is how it determinds how much its going to play with the the timing. Hope this helps.

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