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Re: Dana 44 Vs. Ford 8.8 Vs. Chevy 12 bolt

Yep, the original article on the 8.8 (in a YJ) was the 7/99 issue of Fourwheeler.

Supposedly Warn was the actual tester, and yes the machine maxed out the 8.8 (stock shafts) at 6500 psi.

There was a second article (8.8 in an XJ)in 4WOR (I think) that had testing that revealed a more modest strength gap between the 8.8 and 44.

Actually, since I've been researching the 8.8 (2 years now), Jeff's is the only actual shaft breakage I've heard of, but then again he just broke a 435!

And I've also never heard much about the strength of the 12 bolt.


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