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Re: Advice for a jeep newbie

As the others have said, try to avoid the Peugot transmission, it is junk and costs a fortune to fix. You can easily check it by getting under the Jeep and looking at the trans. The Peugot transmissin has a two piece case that is split lengthwise. The left and right halves are bolted together and it is easy to spot, it is the only trans Jeep used that looks like this. If you can get an auto they are nice and the TorquFlite trannies that were used are quite strong. A '91 or newer would be the best becuase they use the 4.0 fuel injected engine and have the better trannies, but they might be a little much for you. You can really improve the 258 six by ditching the stock carb and adding a Weber unit. It will turn the engine around. Other than the carb the 258 is not too bad an engine. Good luck with your search.

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