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engine shuts off when winching

I have the 258 I-6 with a weber carb on it. When I winch the motor will bog down very bad and even shut off. This happens even with no or verry little load and if I have a big load its even worse. My winch is a Ramsey REP 8000 by the way. I have had my altnator checked and it was good. I put two batteries in parrell hoping to give more amps and that did not work. The only way I can winch is sitting inside the jeep with my foot on the gas at about 2500 rpm. Is there a cure for this I have seen people winch standing outside their jeeps or with their foot an the brake (not giving any gas). So what can I do? I can't afford a high output altnator at this time, but don't think I need it. Any advise would be helpful.

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