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Re: Dana 44 Vs. Ford 8.8 Vs. Chevy 12 bolt

The 8.8 is considerably stronger than D44. There was a series of break tests in one of the off road rags, a couple of years ago. The D44 snapped at something like 4200 psi, the 8.8 went past the machines twisting power at like 6200 psi, without letting go.
I beat the piss out my 8.8 with over 300 ft/lbs of troque at the rear wheels and 130:1 gear ratio. I recently snapped both axle shafts (they were stock shafts), but I was running in idiot mode when I did it. I never broke a set of my Mosers, and I running Superiors now.
There are very few down sides to the disc brake version of the 8.8, up through probably 38" tires.
Im not sure how, well the 12 bolt holds up under heavy abuse, I dont see too many of them, being used for hard core wheeling.

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