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Re: Which Swampers?

Seth, can we get a little more info? Are you running a heavy engine or a light one, winch, custom heavy items? How far are you running on the street? How about the type of trail you'll be running?

I have owned the 33x12.5, 32x9.5 and 29x8.5 bias Swampers and the 33x10.5 radials, along with MANY off brand non-Swamper tires. Most of the guys in our club run either Swampers or BFG's, very little else, but the MT/R is starting to show up.

I like the 33x12.5 bias Swampers on the Scrambler, they're a good tire, VERY rugged (I have run them flat and not noticed, and routinely run them at 4 psi), cheap (I bought 6 of them used for $200), and I also don't find them flat spotting a lot. Then again, I'm enduring the same -20 Charly is as I only live 50 miles from him. I find they warm up quickly, and I don't even bother to balance them, no problems.

I find a wider tire is not always a better tire, and often see people running their tires flat to "widen the footprint", which is a nisnomer. As a result, the tires don't grip and float on the surface.

I run my 33's on 8" rims, and the rims have taken a beating, so I'm going to swap to 7" rims. A few friends have already swapped and it's working out well. You may also want to consider the 34x9.5, which is the same size as the 33x12.5.

Take a look at the difference, both in the height and the tread pattern, between the 33x12.5 bias and the 33x10.5 radial. The radials are over 1" shorter than the bias. I'm not sure of how this translates to the SSR though, that seems like a decent tire, but I have no first hand knowledge of them.

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