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Re: Woof! Those 14-bolt FF rear axles!

Yeah, youve gotta love that extra pinion support bearring.
Those are some very stout axles.
I am picking mine up tommorrow, they are out of old Armored Trucks(I think they were old brinks trucks, but they have been painted over), there are two of them. One has factory discs and the other drums. They are 64" wide. He wants $300 each for them but had already promised the disc version to another guy. He said he will sell it to me tommorrow if the other guy doesnt show by noon. Either way I will buy one or the other, its not that hard to convert to discs, if I decide I need to go that direction.
The other nice thing about the 14, is that Detroits are unbelievably cheap for them for some reason($300 + or -).
You can also shave quite a bit off the bottom to improve clearance from what Ive heard.
I cant wait, to pick it up, Im not sure what gears they have in them. Maybe Ill get lucky and itll have 4.56 or 4.88 gears like the motorhomr versions sometimes do(My dodge chasis motorhome has a D70 with 4.88).

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