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Re: OT- Ted Nugent the wise. LONG.

How is it that the left can get away with slowly legislating communism into existence in America?

The constitution says "all men are created equal" not "are equal, irregardless of how many rocks they smoke or how many little boys they rape". The consitution establishes not equality, but an even playing field.

It does not ensure that a kid with an 81 IQ be guaranteed financial security.

It does not ensure a welfare mother more hohos if she gets pregnant again.

It does not force this nation or its society to stoop down to carry the lowest common denominator. The whole concept was social darwinism--best man wins and carries on to raise the bar for the next generation.

That one sentnce sould have ensured the prominence of the United States as a nation, but it is instead slowing down the growth of our country and, in turn, our world.

I want to see Tom Daschle vs. Ted Nugent, 16 oz. gloves, last man standing.

On an even surface.


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