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Re: Almost ready - SOA Q\'s?

Hey Jam,

A couple of notes that may help you:

I started with the front, but it really doesn't matter.

Getting the fronts level was easy. I put a piece of 1x1 sqare tubing on the sua perch and one on the soa perch (not welded yet). I put a big C clamp on the pieces to hold them in place. I then took measurements out about 1 foot out on the square tubing and made sure they were the exact same (ensuring the same caster as the stock 44). I then tacked them while clamped. Removed clamp and welded like crazy.

On the perch width measure the stock spring mounts on your YJ at both ends and make sure your perches will be that far apart and centered. Measure several times, weld once. This is where I take a break and come back for one last measurement and general 'look it over'. I'm always amazed at how much time and frustration that can save on big projects. Sometimes it helps me to put my tools away, sweep up first to get back to the big picture.

I thought the rear was easy. Just put it under there and set the springs on the perches. I purposely pointed the pinion down and just used a floor jack to twist it up to the right angle once I was sure the perches were centered and the right distance apart (same as sping/shackle mounts on frame). I have a bracket already welded to housing for a traction bar (it's much easier to weld before it all in place.

Also, the pinion doesn't point to the tcase unless you have a CV shaft. If not running a CV shaft, the pinion is parallel to the tcase/tranny/engine angle. Degree shims can be used to correct the angle as well. Changing the shackle height will also change the angle so take that into account as well.

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