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Re: Almost ready - SOA Q\'s?

What else is there I should know of? Any tips for pulling the old stuff out? I'm gonna be using my old springs at first, then upgrade to rear CJ-7 7-leaf springs form JCW. They have about 1-1.5" of lift. Any adjustments I should do now?

Once everything is out, what shoudl I start with? Front or rear? On the front I'm just gonna get the SUA perches level, then stick the SOA perches on and get them level, but .5" inward. That's the correct amount, right?

For the rear I'm gonna put it under the Jeep and try and get it as centered as possible. How is the best way to do this since I've grinded off my old perches already? Then just point it at the T/C yoke and then down 2 degrees? Is this correct? Should I load the Jeep up alot first like kutyfal suggested? What else do I need to take care of? Any major things I'll f-up? Just triple check everything, right?

What should I do for u-bolt plates? I want to keep my stock swaybar up front. Thanks!

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