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Re: Found out why it wont go in gear

Don't go back to the two piece, you'll have the same problem over and over again. Go to the one piece kit and be done with it. I helped a friend change his out a couple of weekends ago, it took maybe 4 hours total and that was with screwing around in between. The only special tool you would need would be a press to put the new bearing on the new shaft, and if you don't have one, you just take the bearing and everything down to a machine shop and have them press it on for you, just takes a few minutes and you would havbe to do the same thing with the two piece anyway. Take your other one apart and look at the actual splines that hold the two piece together and you will see that it will do the same thing, there is no doubt it will happen. Change it once with one piece and save yourself the problems in the future.

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