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Re: Wiring the starter solenoid

b_v_b, the question was concerning the connection to the lugs on the starter solenoid... nothing else. This is a simple heavy duty contact that's engaged by a relay which is engaged by the ignition switch.

IF the ignition switch is incorrectly wired the starter solenoid will be engaged incorrectly and do what you've described and shutting off the ignition may not help, depending upon the wiring error.

The other condition that occurs with your problem is when the contacts arc and finally melt... together and the starter just keeps on a turnin' after the engine starts. As you described, it's frustrating and can quickly destroy parts. Though the ignition switch may kill the engine... the starter overrun clutch and bearing can be toast by the time the engines killed and the starter voltage disconnected.

I'd give you an A+ for being able to disconnect that battery. That's quick thinking and taking control of the problem.

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