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Almost ready - SOA Q\'s?

Okay, I'm SOOOOOO close to getting my SOA done. Now it's really a matter of sticking the suckers in. That's my problem though. The guy that was/is going to help me is a HUGE flake, so I'm debating if me and a buddy could pull this our self?

The reason I wanted to use my other, flakey buddy is cause he's done stuff like this before. My other friend hasn't, but does know alot about cars. He's got a welder so we could tack weld them and then have another friend finish the welds. What else would we have problems doing? Think we could manage getting the old ones out, then putting the new ones in, centered in the frame and the rear pinion and front caster angles fine? I'm willing to try it if you guys think it CAN be done.

Also, I have a few things left to do. Mainly brake line crap. Can I run Chevy SS braided lines up front since my calipers are Chevy? Wouldn't they be longer? Also, would it be possible to run SS braided lines for the rear drums? Or is that a bad idea? I think it'd be good. Then I wouldn't have problems with the hard line on the axle.


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