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Re: Hummvee kits/replicas

Don't worry I would never scrap a good body on a truck that was in good shape. The whole idea is to use a truck with a really crappy body. That way you can buy a really cheap truck and can actually afford the kit. Basic kit for the Bummer is $5,495 deluxe kit is $6,695.
I have seen a lot of people with 4x4 trucks sitting in the back of their property just rusting away. Most have either have blown engines, missing body panels or they just let them sit. The problem is most of the people think they have a one of a kind item or they are saving it to do a restoration, LOL. I have seen trucks sit there for 10 years and never move. Instead of letting it sit why not make some money and sell them. I have tried this line if questioning sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I know where there is a 73 Impalla with a complete factory 454 its been sitting for at least 7 years an the guy wants $750 for it. I tried to get him down a little. He finally came down to $700 but that is more than I am willing to pay. I could use some of the parts for my 1974 Z28 big block swap. I will keep saving my money and keep waiting eventually I find the part or vehicle I am looking for, sometimes it just takes time.
Thanks for the info on the military hummvees, I would love to have one but $25,000 for a play toy is a little to much. Read my my signature and you will realize why I want a chevy 4x4. I love my little Nissan its totally reliable, has a V6, and its a heavy duty model but only 2wd. It just keeps going. At 155k on the mileage it uses no oil and runs great. Something to be said for taking care of a vehicle when you use it for daily transportaion and a little off roading too!

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If I only had a 4wd
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