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Re: xr\'s a money pit

i really hope my bike dont end up the way it was. i will take a hammer to it before i buy another crank. still am a little worried because i have no idea why the con rod bearing failed and ended up throughout the motor. i only rode it maybe a few hours the whole time i had it and poof it just sounded like it ran out of gas and died. just couldn't kick it over. then i took the inspection plug out and turned the motor over with a ratchet hardly bumped it and it kicked over a few times and locked again. at first i thought the cam chain jumped until i took the cam out and found it was still locked. i new it was something big though once i took the covers off the sides and seen all that brass all over. should of listened to my buds they said junk it. but no not me. oh and another thing the nuts on the rockers vibrated loose about a week before the motor died never would of noticed but the cap vibrated off the valve cover and got lost about maybe 50 feet from my trailer

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