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73 chevy transmission??? what is it??

My transmission in my jeep just died this past week. I'm looking around for a new one. There is this 1973 Chevy pickup next door (2 wheel drive) with a 350 in it. What I'm really after is the 4 speed. I was just wondering if anyone knew what transmission this is? Also do you know what the gearing is? One other option I was thinking about was just puting the whole mess (engine,clutch,transmission) in together. The only problem with this is that my engine runs fine as it is and provides plenty of power for my situation and Im not sure if the 350 even runs at all. Basically I would just like your opinions on the matter. Does anyone have a transmission they would like to sell? I kind of want to go to a manual. I was thinking maybe a T-18. I would be interested in another th400 too. The 400 would be the easiest but as I said before, I would like to go manual. Thanks for the help.

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