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I have been researching this for a year for my 1970 J-3000. I may be wrong, but you are probably in the same boat as me. Guys like Tim, Kenny, Riverbeast, or Chris, please correct me if I'm wrong (these guys know a ton!) There is nothing available for this vehicle from anyone. I assume your 71 is closed knuckle with the leafs outside the frame like my truck. My truck is factory spring over also so it's also not an option for me, I don't know if your 71 is spring under or over so that might be an option. The 73 and newer have open knuckle front axle with the springs under the frame. The lifts available for the post 73 vehicles will not work. Everything and anything you do to lift it must be custom, big $$. You can either get custom springs, but with bigger tires and the leafs outside the frame you have a giant turning radius, good luck in parking lots! You also have all the custom work to do with your steering geometry if you go more and a couple inches, and drive shafts and brake lines. Another route is to swop axles and steering components out of a post 73, or have custom axles built, and have your spring purches moved under the frame, basically making it like a post 73 then you could use the available kits, so I've been told.

Go back on this board and find the post I did about help lifting a J-3000 Gladiator about a year ago and you will find all the responses I got, good info.

I think you're in the same boat as me. Unfortunatly you cannot just go down to the 4x4 center and go home with a box of parts and bolt them on! It depends on what you want to do with the vehicle and how much time and $$ you want to spend.

Me, I decided to just run the truck the way it is for a few years and save some $$ and slowly gather all the parts I need. My truck also only has about 50k original miles and is my daily driver so I'm in no hurry. When I'm ready I plan on having the spring purches moved, springs made from National Spring, getting custom dana 60 f/r axles made from Dynatrac, having drive shafts made and fabricating the steering, then replace the buick 350 with the buick 455 I have. We're talking a LOT of time and $$, but I plan on having the truck for 20 years. I would rather have my old Gladiator than a new Chevy, Ford or Dodge. It has personality!

Sorry for the bad news. Good Luck, let us know how you do and if you do learn or find anything new please share.


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