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Re: OT Real Estate Question Any Realtors out there?

i'm a realtor. and i could give you numerous stories that would make you pay $6k quickly. "Your NewHouse" tv show with michael holigan just last week expressed the necessity of using realtors. BUT there again i can tell you stories of people that things went smoothly.
as per realtors calling saying that they have someone interested, i do this, and yes they probably do have someone. reason is , we have list of people we are looking out for houses for. it might be your neighborhood, house design, school district, etc, etc........ whatever reason you are building your new house at, might be the same reason someone wants yours, simple as that.
Scooby, and on the other hand yes, they might be just trying to get into your home to try to get you to sign with them so they can make a commission/living. 3% is pretty much normal for co-broking a house.
if you want, just jack the price up a little to cover the commission and sign a ONE day listing agreement for 3% if a realtor has a potential client. email me off-board if i can help, and no i don't want any $$$, thanks anyway, i am in south carolina remember, cya mick
ps i am gone for a long while and might be on later tonight, cya

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