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Has this happened to anyone else? I am in shock. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] Every other week I check my oil........and this was the week. I happened to notice that the oil was very low......abnormally so. I also happened to notice that the tranny dipstick was rubbing the firewall. While noticing the later, my brain screamed for thinkin' juice and I quickly summoned the beer getter. After a one was put into action and I scratched a bald spot on my head I remembered that my header collector was leakin on the passenger side. I summoned the beer getter again and prepared to investigate. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first so I decided to check the tranny fluid and discovered that it was about 2"s over filled. I climbed back underneath and discovered that the nuts that hold the right side of the crossmember up had, at some point and wihthout my consent, fallen off. My damned nuts have fallen off. Now I am listing to the right at a pretty serious angle. The beer getter was agained summoned but this time was given a back pack............................

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