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Re: Brake work cost?

That's a MAJOR rip off. They're trying to take you for a ride, big time.

IF (and that's a big IF), you do in fact need rotors and drums (highly unlikely, my drums have 235,000 miles on them and they're fine), get them afetrmarket and not through a dealer. I went to 4WD Hardware at and looked up some parts.

Brake drums $56.95 ea
Rotors $49.95 ea
Calipers $32.95 ea
Brake lines $46.95/pair
Brake line rear $28.95
Brake pads $18.95/set
Brake shoes $24.99/set
Brake hardware kit $10.99
Hayne's manual $12.99

So that adds up to $423.52 for everything, provided you need everything, which I doubt. You may be able to find it cheaper at NAPA or Autozone or another local store.

The rear seal is about $6 and will take another $20 or so to replace using a press. So you're looking at about $50 total, and maybe 4-8 hours of your time, which is just a Saturday.

I'd have someone closer that knows jeeps take a look at it. It'd be a shame to be ripped off that much money. I'm betting you're actually looking at $150 as your parts aren't that bad. Now if they said they'd buy and swap in a D44 front and also do your brakes, it'd be worth it.

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