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Re: Fuel injection ?s !! TPS!! LEVE??

I was reading the shop manual last night (after new plugs and oxy. sensor) and was thinking the same thing about the vss. It does run better now, at least it will pull when it kicks down but it still surges like no fuel.It will run like hell at take off (ok, kinda sluggish but hey it's big!)then while at wot. it'll start to loose power then gain a little then do it again..It seems to me that the computer is having a migraine and cant make up it's mind. I dont know how to go about testing the vss,I was VERY disgusted and gave up last night!! I'm sure it tells me in there somwhere..Last week when I had it plugged up to the scan tool, the speedo and the mph on the scan were very close so that leeds me to believe that the vss works. Other wise it woulda shown different right? I'm going to pull the computer out of my jeep after this weekend and see if that is the problem...It has the same engine and electronics.

It's as close to a 1ton as it can get and still be a jeep!!! Gotta love it!!
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