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*&#*&^@*#$&#@()*[email protected]()*#&()@#$()arghh!

I made a baaaad mistake today.
I got some corvette yellow enamal paint/reducer/hardner and all that jazz
I borrowed a friends paint gun and decided to start on it today..I thought I read up enough on it that I could try it out.
I have one fender..half of the drivers side of the jeep,the hood,and my tailgate painted.
The paint gun has a bolt or something on the side and it is has a little hole in the bolt.
Its dripping paint over stuff I just painted so I have runs EVERYWHERE!
Also I've sprayed on a few coats and you can still see the colors underneath?Whats going on..
Man I should have waited for my friend to come over

Its four wheel drive and naked women what more do you want?
-Dirt Dog
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