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Re: How to choose a CAM?

<font color=purple> Weellllllll, one thing to keep in mind is that too hot of a cam will require a different manifold, different carb, & headers. And are you going to spend all day "playing" in the mud or will you trailer it to competition events, run it for 15 seconds, & put it back on the trailer? For the former, a mild cam increase is tolerable. For the latter, you'll probably want to ditch the 304 altogether & get some more cubes under the hood. And even in competition, you need to be careful. Many "Street Stock" or similar classes have vacuum checks to make sure "pro built" racers aren't running against true daily drivers. For a mild increase in ooommmphf, I'd suggest the Edelbrock Performer cam & intake, along with a Performer 500 4-barrel carb. If Edelbrock no longer makes the AMC Performer cam, talk to their tech line to see what sort of specs would match up with that intake & get a cam from Comp Cams, Crane, or others.

This setup is just one of many & I'd highly recommend getting the cam specs & comparing them to similar profiles from other manufacturers. May want a little hotter, may want a little milder. But, this would be a pretty good place to start. </font color=purple>


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