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I've been trying to figure what axles came with what FSJ's and it has been as clear as mud. I've determined that the 87 Grand Wagoneer I am looking at has D44 front and rear.

Here is a reply from another Board that I recieved on this Topic:

FSJ rears were all some type of Dana 44 through '79 (exceptions being Dana 60s on some pickups). In '80 they changed to Heavy Duty AMC 20 rears. I've heard rumors that AMC ran short on HD AMC20s a couple of times and had to buy a few Dana 44s to fill the gaps. This wasn't comon and I've not seen one from between '80 and '86 yet. I've had a couple people swear they had one, but when I looked they had that round "baby moon" diff cover...
In '87 Chrysler ran out of AMC20s and discontiued them, all the rest were Dana 44s until the end of FSJ production.

The HD AMC 20 is really a decent axle with a much heavier center section than the CJ AMC 20 and much thicker tubes. You aren't likley to hurt one of these housings. The axle shafts are also beefy and the desirable one piece style. They have only 28 splines but are actually larger than Dana 44 or even 31 spline Ford 9" shafts. The ring gear on the AMC20 is 8 7/8" inch, 3/8" bigger than a Dana 44. The pinion is huge on these as well. All in all, the HD AMC20 is a fine axle for swapping into a YJ and every bit as strong as a Dana 44.

The only thing I don't like about HD AMC 20s is that they have a crush sleeve for pinion bearing preload. This must not be a huge draw back since most axles use a crush sleeve, but I still prefer shims (like on a Dana 44) that can't change their settings from extreme torque.

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