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Re: 87 Grand Wagonner

Im sorry but i need to make a comment here on the subject of Kenny's post.

A few months ago I came across 3, yes 3, FSJs... I found them at a recycling
center (not the same as a salvage, they sell the bodys for metal scrap) I bought
2 of the Wagoneers drive lines...motors. axles, trannys, etc.... I would like to know
what exactly i should have done? Should i have sent them on to the crusher and
prayed that they make it to metal heaven? Or should i give them a rebirth and return
them to their glory of use. I kinda like the latter one myself. In situations like these
I would like to know what you would do? If you found a FSJ that had "just" the part you
were looking for in the salvage yard, would you buy the whole jeep and buy all new parts
for it? You cant let one go to waste can you? You know i could see your arguement if
someone said "I found a mint condiction 89 Wagoneer" and am going to use the axle
and crush the rest. But i dont see the sense in bashing someone b/c they are trying to
save a good part from going to waste. Enough rambling.

'88 YJ-20 3/4 Wrangler (almost ) ) AMC 401/ TF 727 / NP 208,
HD D44 and D60 coming soon. (should i have left this J20 to get

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