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Re: instrument lighting problems

Ok.. this is an assumption... as I don't have a YJ schematic..I'm just guessin' here 'cuz no one else is responding...

Look at the headlight switch... Does it have an instrument panle dimmer built in? If so, the dimmer could be bad, the wiper dirty, or the the switch is bad.

I would find the voltage feed wire to the instruments and see if half the instrument lamps could be unhookded from the feed wire. Then try the lamps. If everything is normal... you know the problem is in the half that are not connected. If the fues again blows, you know that the problem is in the half of the fuses that are still connected.

Now the problem could be in the harness itself, or a connector. A these lamps and guages are aftermarket, I'd vote for a bad connector on one of the gauges that's brushing up against gauge mount and blowing the fuse.

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