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Re: Engine Swap

Cmon Dustin!

your slipping! tell him the details.. : )

you'll need a new Flexplate ( a flywheel for an automatic if you didnt know)
there are sources for AMC cars for these, I beleive they are well under$100 (a 401 requires a 401 flexplate)

if the ignition systems are differnt, just pull the distributer from teh newer motor, and drop it into the older 401 so you can use your later type elec ignition system.

since your 401 should have a 4bbl carb, and most Gwags didnt, you might need to slightly reroute your fuel supply line, and also fabricate ( or Junkyard find) a way to connect the tranny kickdown lever to a 4bbl carb ( the trans wont live long without this device)

and youll have to have a GOOD radiator, especially if they bored the 401 when it was rebuilt, these things are pretty hard to cool

everything else from the engines will ( should) interchange, so if one has a better or newer alternatr ( possible) then use the one thats currently in the Gwag, and ditto for the Power Steering..

probably some other stuff, im missing, but its basically a VERY easy swap..

check out the IFSJA website and list for more info if you havent already, the mailing list is GREAT

1977 CJ5 looking for a Hard top near NW Arkansas!
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