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brr... its cold, i need a jacket

well after 3 days of constant playing around under the hood, i think ive got this thing under control... ever since i gave her a stern talking to after she puked antifreeze all over the garage, she has been behaving quite nicely... AND SHE RUNS COOL AS A CUCUMBER! the needle on the temp gauge doesnt move above the line for normal operating temp anymore!! im really excited about that

and i also found out why i have been miserably under powered for the last month or so (cant remember when it started exactly)... when i was trying to get the O2 sensor off (still havent accomplished it, its on there TIGHT), i disconnected the spark plug wires so that i would have more room for my hands... well the number one cylinder wire came off unusually easy, so i was a little perplexed... the cap on the end of the plug looked different than the other 3, so i took it out for closer inspection... turns out the cap that the wire connects to somehow got off the plug and stuck in the wire so it wasnt getting a good connection at all... ive been running on 3 cylinders for quite some time now, feels good to get back to 4

hmm, i guess thats all ive got for now... just thought i would fill ya'll in on my weekend of wrenchin'

thanks all that helped me out with that fan... definatly a good mod!

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