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Re: Ignition System checks 92 Sidekick

We need for you to give some details to help aid in your diagnosis..
What makes you so sure your problem is in the ignition or computer? Some of my experience with suzukis' is the thin wiring and weak connections... Did you try a wiggle test before replacing parts?? This is part of the basics...

Try to give the history of the problem leading up to this point... Is this a gradual or sudden problem. Hot or cold. Intermittent or continuous. Have you just done some engine work? Did you go under water??? Help by giving us more info so we can help you... As much as you can think of...
I can think of a few things that may cause your symptoms that are and are not computer related.. Also, Aftermarket Processors (computers) are "Junk" you MUST use a factory unit, as these rebuilts will only add to your problems.... Been there done that...

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