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Carb trouble on \'77 J20 w/401 auto

Well my friend is not getting off to a good start with his J20. While driving it today it kept stalling. He got it home and called me so I took it for a drive. At first it drives ok but after 10mins it starts to act up. When I press on the gas the engine just bogs and stalls. It will restart ok(long cranking required) but will die agin. If you leave it for 15-20min. then it is ok for another 10mins of driving then acts up again. It has a manual choke and I checked to ensure that it opens all the way. I took off the fuel line and cranked the engine and it seems to pump ok. Also checked the filter and it seems ok as well. Any help would be most appreciated. I just got him of FORDS and don't want him to revert. Thanx


PS What kind of carb is on it anyway.

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