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Re: need fsj expert or knowledgable

I am in the process of installing fsj axles in my cj5. I have installed them in cj7's and in a nissan patrol. Here's the problem, using the axles as the are is near impossible because the frame width is different. The FSJ is 5"or so wider than the cj. the spring pads are therefore spread wider. That isn't a problem in the rear as you can simply move the spring pads. The biggest problem is the front axle. the passsenger side spring pad is incorporated into the Differential casting and can't be easly moved closer to center as would be required for the narrower frame of the CJ. Some of the options are as follows:
Have the axle cut down on the long shaft end 2.5 inches or more to allow the differential to be placed closer to center and install new spring pads.
Or, build brackets that will allow you to move the existing spring holders, attached to the CJ, to the outside of the frame, which is just about the right width of the FSJ. This is what I do, because I don't like not being able to buy replacment axles should I break a custom shaft.
So, to answer your question, yes it can and is being done, although some modifying and fabrication is nessessary. Let me know if you decide to proceed and I'l give you more details and suggestions if you like.

Also, I have a pair of axles from a 77 Cherokee that I'd be willing to sell if your interested, but i do live in So. Calif.

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