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I did a SOA on the front of my cousin's '85 GW in August. This is the way to go if you are going to use it on the trail. There are some
obstacles to overcome though. The steering is the big one. We made an ultra strong dropped drag link using two stock drag links
and a peice of 4"x10"x 7/8" thick steel. We also needed a drop pitman arm becuase of the amount of flex the front end had.
A much better answer is to buy or build a high
clearance steering setup. We were able to keep stock brake lines but had to re-locate them. The front driveshaft
needed to be lenghtend a bit as well.

We were in a hurry on the rear and did 3" adda leafs and 2" blocks. This Winter we are going to pull those out and re-locate the
spring mounts to below the frame. This will level out the truck and greatly increase articulation. The stock driveshaft was fine on the rear and the brake line only needed to be re-located.

This truck rides nice now. It's really not much worse than stock, and that can be attributed to the adda leafs. We've found that it's
so soft that we need to put the track bar back on the front though. Overall this gave the truck the height it needed, but it still needed
trimming to fit 33" tires for off-road use - mostly becuase the front end flexes so well.

Anyways, SOA is the ticket for a FSJ on the trail becuase it really helps articlaution, but I'd probably just go with a good quality set of 4" springs for a daily driver
or tow vehicle.

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