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Re: brake squeal insanity

Thanks for the info.. no, I didn't get any brake quiet... I guess I might hafta go back and get some (would it really help THAT much?). I replaced the rear shoes, and de-glazed the drum. The drum itself was in pretty good shape. Not heavily glazed, but very evenly worn - no deep groves or pits or anything. As for the pins and o-rings, The system on my '90 doesn't have any o-rings that I know of, unless you mean the brass crush washer things that go on either side of the banjo fitting where the brake line connects to the caliper (I did replace those). The new calipers came with new rubber boots that cover the bushings and retaining pins (bolts), but the bushings and pins themselves were reused. Hope this helps some... Thanks again, and if you have any other ideas... keep 'em coming!

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