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I put tracker seats in my '86. I cut the entire front support down to the tubular frame, and cut the rear supports down to one inch. Welded 2" square box for the front support and 1" X 2" box for the rear. I have another set of seats for my '88 - this time I'm going to cut down as before, but use 1" X 2" box in front, and flat stock in back (I wanted to raise my '86 sets by one inch, but I think I raised them 2" - a little too much, but now my wife can see over the hood). I used a ripped up sammy seat frame as a template to position mounting holes for the sammy sliding tracks (much simpler than the tracker/kick). Unless you mount your tracks pretty far forward, you will find the new seats too close to the dash. The passenger seat was especially cramped, but I found under the carpet another set of mounting holes further back. This works fine for me, because I removed my rear seat long ago. If you want to get in and out of the back seat, it will be a problem. If you want more info, email me as my mistakes are still pretty fresh in my mind. I may be able to send you some pix.

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