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brake squeal insanity

Okay, I'm going nuts and I need some advice. My '90 YJ has some major brake squeal, and driving with no doors/top and having to listen to it in traffic is making me crazy!!! I thought it might be time to replace the pads & shoes, so I went to the parts store and bought a set of each, the best ones they offer. On Saturday, I grabbed the parts and my tools and headed out to do the work. The rear went fine, the drums were in good shape and just needed a little sanding to de-glaze. The fronts didn't go so well... The drivers side caliper was shot, and both rotors were severly grooved, the passenger side rotor appeared to be warped! I made another parts run and picked up two new rotors and two new calipers. Once the new parts were in, I bled the system and everything looks and works fine...... but the squeal is still there..... and its LOUDER!!! It seems to be coming mainly from the passenger side, only under light to moderate braking (it dissappears in hard stops), and I can't seem to tell whether its from the front or rear. Please help!!! A few more commutes like this with that high-pitched-chinese-water-torture-brake-squeal will have me standing in line to trade my Jeep in for a Hyundai or something!! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance, and Happy Jeepin'!

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