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Re: Needing fiberglass painting tips

Well, prep is the key (wet sand and clean). Seal it with an epoxy primer made for fiberglass. As far as the paint goes, ask the supplier about fisheye remover. The biggest problems in painting plastics and fiberglass is that you may need to add stuff to the paint (flex additives, and fisheye). Make the first base coat "dusty". Dont try to lay down a nice shinny coat of paint on the first coat. As you continue, watch for the paint and clear between coats to react ( it shouldnt, but its possible). Finally, dont get carried away with each coat of clear. It may go on really nice, but if the coat is too heavy, you will develope sags in the finish. If you get them, dont worry, you can wet sand and buff them out after its dry.
Oops, one last thing. The base coat when sry will not look too glossy. that is normal for base coat/ clear coats. you gloss comes from the clear.
Have fun, and wear a respirator!

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