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Re: Help me out with this on board air thingie

The need for a high volume of compressed air is the reason for the engine driven pumps. The 12V models, even the good ones, will not be able to keep up without a very large storage tank. Airing 4 36" tires from say 6psi back up to 25psi would be a slow process. As CJDave mentioned, reseating a tire on the rim takes a BIG shot of air (I still use the old ether trick, but it is dangerous. One of these days I will probably end up getting hurt if I don't quit.) Finally, let's not forget one of the best benifits to having on-board air: AIR TOOLS!!! Air tools combined with the right spare parts can reduce a serious breakdown into a minor annoyance. Also, everyone SHOULD run filters on the inlet of the pump if they want it to last.

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