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Re: Exhaust Issues???...

Probably not the exhaust. Sounds like your timing is a little retarded (not mentally retarded...the opposite of advanced). When you are on the gas, the vacuum advance advances the timing. When you let off the gas, the engine vacuum drops, thus "turning off" the vacuum advance and alters your timing. I guess that the timing could be too far advanced also. Get yourself a timing light, they are pretty cheap, and set you timing with the engine at idle. Im not sure how much advance your engine will need..probably 4-6 degrees of advance. This means the plug is firing before the piston is at TDC (top dead center or the top its stroke). Of course, if that 4.3L is a later model, computer controlled engine, none of this applies...except that the timing should be set for about 2 degrees of advance. Hope this helps...good luck.

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