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Exhaust Issues???...

Well I have what I think is an exhaust issue but it may not be...When I idle or downshift when driving I get a popping sound like a real mild backfire. However it only occurs when I am off the gas...I did fix a pretty big leak at the connection of the exhaust manifold and the pipe itself which made it a little better...

As far as I can tell it isn't an engine issue...The engine seems to idle fine and doesn't seem to be skipping at all...But for further info that may help I have adjusted the timing and the idle mixture a little bit but both of those seemed to help the problem and not hurt it...

Well now that I have said so much I will shut up...Tell me what you think...I have only theories since I am only a "Rookie with a Wrench"...

Josh Lavalleur
'70 CJ5 4.3L V6
D27 & D44 axles
T-14 3-speed, D18 XC, Warn OD
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